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Dr. Rich Davis

Dr. Rich Davis 
Dr. Rich Davis, a successful physician and psychiatrist, turned a backyard barbecue hobby into an international entrepreneurial venture when he created “KC Masterpiece Barbecue Sauce” in the 1970's. The first-of-its-kind barbecue sauce at a “premium” price point, KC Masterpiece paved the way for other sauces made with quality ingredients to jump the one-dollar price point hurdle.

Named one of America’s Most Famous Barbecuers by Parade magazine, Dr. Davis was frequently featured in national magazines and on national television programs, including “The Today Show,” “Good Morning America” and “The Regis Philbin Show.” In his many appearances, Dr. Davis always made a point to invite the masses to visit Kansas City and experience the rich barbecue heritage for themselves. KC Masterpiece won the prestigious “Best Sauce on the Planet” award at the American Royal Barbecue Sauce Contest in 1980, and to this day, is still the number one sauce in Kansas City.
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